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Strengthening Safety: Snapchat Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Teen Users

Santa Monica, CASocial media giant Snapchat is once again stepping up its game to ensure the safety and security of its teenage users. In a move reminiscent of other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is unveiling a series of robust safety features aimed at making it harder for strangers to contact teens, providing a more age-appropriate experience, cracking down on accounts promoting inappropriate content, and improving educational resources for teens. Additionally, the company is launching a suite of resources for parents and families, including a dedicated website and a YouTube series to help them better understand how Snapchat works and how to utilize its parental controls.

These developments come after Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, faced significant scrutiny regarding the content available on its platform. Critics argued that some of the material was unsuitable for younger users, including sexualized content and advertisements, articles related to alcohol and pornography, and more. This scrutiny led to Snap defending its app’s 13+ age rating on the App Store, and the company has since taken multiple measures to protect its users, especially teens.

Stricter Age Verification Measures

One of the cornerstones of Snapchat’s new safety initiatives is its commitment to stricter age verification. The goal is to ensure that users who attempt to sign up for the platform with an age below the minimum requirement will face significant restrictions. As a result, underage users will have limited access to certain features and content, effectively reducing the chances of exposure to inappropriate material.

This step is a clear response to concerns raised by parents and lawmakers about the accessibility of content not suitable for minors. By enhancing age verification, Snapchat is taking proactive measures to prevent underage users from engaging with age-inappropriate material.

Strengthening Safety Snapchat Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Teen Users

Protection Against Explicit Content

Explicit content has been a recurring issue on various social media platforms, and Snapchat is not immune to this challenge. In response, Snapchat is implementing advanced algorithms to detect and prevent the distribution of explicit content. The aim is to significantly reduce the risk posed to minors, ensuring that the platform remains a safe environment for young users.

Enhanced Contact Controls

To further fortify its commitment to user safety, Snapchat is enhancing its contact controls. These enhancements are designed to make it considerably more challenging for strangers to contact teenagers on the platform. By limiting the interactions between teens and unknown individuals, Snapchat is minimizing the potential for unwanted and potentially harmful exchanges.

Creating an Age-Appropriate Experience

A key focus of Snapchat’s safety measures is the creation of a more age-appropriate experience for its teenage users. This includes rigorous enforcement of content guidelines and the removal of age-inappropriate posts. The platform is dedicated to maintaining a safe and wholesome environment for its young audience.

A Strike System to Deter Inappropriate Content

Snapchat is introducing a three-part strike system across its Stories and Spotlight features, where users can access public content with a large audience. Under this system, Snapchat will immediately remove any inappropriate content that it detects proactively or that is reported to the company. Additionally, accounts attempting to circumvent Snapchat’s content rules will be banned.

Highlighting Resources for Handling Sexual Risks

Snapchat is also taking proactive steps to help teenagers navigate sexual risks they may encounter online. Across its Stories and Search features, the platform will prominently display resources such as hotlines for assistance. These resources will be invaluable for young users dealing with issues like catfishing, financial sextortion, sharing explicit images, and more. Snapchat’s commitment to educating its users about online risks is evident in these initiatives.

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Continued Ban on Accounts Engaging in Severe Harms

Snapchat has a history of taking action against accounts involved in severe violations of its policies. This includes accounts engaged in threats to another user’s physical or emotional well-being, sexual exploitation, and the sale of illicit drugs. The platform remains committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment by enforcing these bans.

Collaboration with Advocacy Groups

Snapchat’s new safety features have been developed in collaboration with advocacy groups dedicated to online safety. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) provided valuable insights to inform these initiatives. Additionally, Snapchat worked closely with The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to develop in-app educational resources aimed at enhancing user awareness and safety.

Resources for Parents and Families

Recognizing the importance of parental involvement in ensuring their children’s online safety, Snapchat is launching a dedicated online resource at This resource hub will provide parents with valuable information on how Snapchat functions and how they can use the platform’s parental control features effectively. Moreover, Snapchat is introducing a YouTube explainer series designed to help parents become more familiar with the app’s intricacies.

Effective Enforcement: A Critical Aspect

While Snapchat’s safety measures are promising, the effective enforcement of these new rules and policies will be pivotal to their success. Snapchat has, at times, announced safety features without promptly implementing them. For instance, when the company introduced new guidelines around anonymous messaging and friend-finding apps to protect younger users, several popular apps were found not to be in compliance. They continued to operate despite the guidelines, revealing the need for robust enforcement mechanisms.

Snapchat also has a history of rushing to launch features without adequate protections. A recent example is the My AI feature, which initially responded inappropriately to messages from minors. This led to the belated introduction of safeguards and parental controls.

Looking Ahead: Building on Safety Initiatives

Snapchat has emphasized that it will continue to build on the safety features announced today. In the “coming months,” the platform plans to introduce additional protections for teenagers and their families, further solidifying its commitment to online safety.

These measures demonstrate Snapchat’s dedication to safeguarding its young users from age-inappropriate content and unwanted interactions. By implementing stricter age verification, enhancing contact controls, and introducing measures to combat explicit content, Snapchat is taking significant steps to create a more secure digital space for teenagers. These changes align with broader industry efforts to prioritize the safety of young users on social media platforms, underscoring Snapchat’s commitment to ensuring that its platform remains a fun and secure space for all.

In conclusion, Snapchat’s new safety measures signal a comprehensive approach to protecting teenage users, addressing critical concerns about inappropriate content and online risks. By embracing a proactive stance and collaborating with advocacy groups, Snapchat aims to set a new standard for online safety while providing a safe and enjoyable platform for its young audience.

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