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Kinza Hashmi
Kinza Hashmi


Kinza Hashmi ‘Unexpected Video Leak’ Leaves Fans Astonished

Kinza Hashmi ‘Unexpected Video Leak’ Leaves Fans Astonished

The 13-minute-long video was posted on YouTube last weekend.

We frequently encounter numerous scandals involving leaked videos, more frequently than we’d prefer. However, none have managed to truly captivate the attention of the progressive millennials in our nation—until the events of last weekend unfolded. A 13-minute video featuring Pakistani actress Kinza Hashmi, aged 23, surfaced on YouTube, sparking widespread conversation in countless households since then.


Confused? We certainly were when news of the ‘Leaked Video’ first reached our ears. Despite initial assumptions, this video is actually a short film crafted by the film director Aabis Raza. Raza’s intention with this film was to raise awareness about the dos and don’ts of online sharing.

Over the past few years, there has been an observed increase in the dissemination of inappropriate images and videos involving well-known celebrities. This trend gained even more momentum when prominent TikTok personalities became targets of such scandals. Undoubtedly, there arose a pressing need for guidance for the younger generation just beginning to navigate the realm of social interaction.

‘Leaked Video’

The director of the short film effectively conveyed the repercussions of sharing intimate or indecent images via mobile phones. Kinza Hashmi skillfully portrayed the plight of young girls in our society, who are frequently coerced and bullied into succumbing to the manipulative tactics of their abusers.

The actress from “Uraan” posted a trailer of the short film “Leaked Video” on her Instagram account. Accompanying the video, she penned:
Watch Leaked Video – a short film that makes you think twice before you post something on social media
Directed by @razaaabis


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A post shared by Kinza Hashmi (@kinzahashmi)

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The short film was posted on YouTube on Friday, January 8th, and has since accumulated over 400 thousand views. The caption on the video-sharing platform states:

Be very careful when someone asks for your nude videos and pictures even if it is your fiancé or husband. You never know where they will end up and what mayhem they may bring to your life. Short film Leaked Video starring the amazing #kinzahashmi and directed by #AabisRaza only on #ElementsPrime

Excited to view the entirety of this “Leaked Video”? You can watch the entire film here:

What do you think of this ‘Leaked Video’ starring Kinza Hashmi? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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