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Yamaha YBR 125 Series ( Quick Review )
Yamaha YBR 125 Series ( Quick Review )

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Yamaha YBR 125 Series ( Quick Review )

The Yamaha YBR125 series is a great commuting bike.

Performance: The bike boasts a strong 124cc OHC square engine with a balancer shaft.

These innovations enable this motorbike to go at high speeds while experiencing reduced vibration.
Its peak speed is around 100 kmph, and you can cruise it at 80 to 90 kmph.

YBR 125 and 125G: These versions are identical save from the fact that the YBR 125G has a metal plate welded below the engine to protect it from pebbles while off-roading.

YBR 125Z: This motorbike has traditional styling and requires less maintenance than other YBR models. Drum brakes make brake changes simpler and less expensive, while spoked rims eliminate the risk of bent rims.
Less braking power than other ybr bikes is the sole downside.

Suitable for:

YBR 125: This bike is for you if you desire a sleek, sporty-looking ride.

YBR 125G: If you’re looking for a motorcycle with dual-sport styling, this is the bike for you.

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YBR 125Z: This bike is for you if you want a bike with a classic appearance, low maintenance requirements, and more practicality for all sorts of roads.

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