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The 10 Best Pakistani Talk Shows of 2023: Inform, Inspire, and Influence

Pakistan’s vibrant media landscape offers a plethora of talk shows that inform, inspire, and influence the nation’s discourse. In 2023, these programs continue to play a vital role in shaping public opinion, addressing pressing issues, and providing a platform for meaningful discussions. In this article, we’ll dive into the 10 best Pakistani talk shows of 2023, each with its unique charm and contribution to the nation’s dialogue.

Here is a list of some of the most recent Pakistani talk shows that are popular not only within the country but also in other regions:

  1. Live with Dr. Shahid Masood
  2. The Reporters
  3. Sawal Yeh Hai
  4. Hansana Mana Hai
  5. The Last Hour
  6. Live With Nasrullah Malik
  7. Rubaroo
  8. Night Edition
  9. Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal
  10. Mere Sawal
  11. 7 by 8 With Sana Hashmi
  12. Tonight with Monalam
  13. Naya Pakistan
  14. News Eye
  15. Face to Face
  16. Capital Talk
  17. Faisla Aap Ka
  18. Off the Record
  19. Hard Talk Pakistan
  20. Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath
  21. Kal Tak
  22. Bolo Talat Hashmi Kay Sath
  23. Awaz
  24. 11th Hour
  25. Mad e Muqabil
  26. Newsline with Dr. Maria Zulfiqar
  27. Breaking Point with Malick
  28. Muqabil
  29. Black and White
  30. Report Card
  31. Khabar Hai
  32. Najam Sethi Show
  33. News Edge with Fareeha Idrees

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood

1. Live with Dr. Shahid Masood

Host: Dr. Shahid Masood

“Live with Dr. Shahid Masood” remains a cornerstone of Pakistan’s news and analysis talk shows. Dr. Shahid Masood’s incisive commentary and in-depth analysis of political and social issues captivate viewers, making it a must-watch program for those seeking comprehensive insights.

The Reporters

2. The Reporters

Hosts: Sabir Shakir, Sami Ibrahim, and Arif Bhatti

“The Reporters” is synonymous with critical journalism and lively debates. Sabir Shakir, Sami Ibrahim, and Arif Bhatti combine their journalistic prowess to dissect current affairs, ensuring viewers stay informed and engaged.

Sawal Yeh Hai

3. Sawal Yeh Hai

Host: Asad Kharal

Asad Kharal brings his incisive questioning and journalistic integrity to “Sawal Yeh Hai.” This show focuses on delving deep into the most pertinent current affairs, making it a go-to source for those seeking a deeper understanding of Pakistan’s political landscape.

The Last Hour

4. The Last Hour

Host: Varyam Singh

“The Last Hour” stands out by exploring unique and impactful stories. Host Varyam Singh showcases narratives that often go unnoticed, shedding light on the extraordinary journeys of ordinary people.

Mere Sawal

5. Mere Sawal

Host: Sami Ibrahim

“Mere Sawal” is a popular talk show known for its engaging discussions on a wide range of topics. Sami Ibrahim’s insightful interviews and thought-provoking conversations make it a favorite among viewers.

Naya Pakistan

6. Naya Pakistan

Host: Talat Hussain

“Naya Pakistan” navigates the ever-evolving political landscape of the country. Talat Hussain’s seasoned journalism offers viewers an inside look at the changes and challenges facing Pakistan.

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Capital Talk

7. Capital Talk

Host: Hamid Mir

“Capital Talk” is a staple for those interested in political discussions and expert opinions. Hamid Mir leads conversations that dissect key issues and policies, making it a valuable source of information for the politically aware.

These talk shows, among others, continue to shape Pakistan’s media landscape, offering diverse perspectives on crucial matters. As viewers, it’s important to stay informed and engaged with these programs to gain a well-rounded understanding of the issues that matter most to our nation.

Remember that the rankings and popularity of these shows may change over time, so it’s advisable to check the latest reviews and ratings for the most up-to-date information. Stay tuned to these talk shows to be a part of the dynamic dialogue that defines Pakistan’s media landscape in 2023.

Zara Hut Kay

8. Zara Hut Kay

Hosts: Wusatullah Khan, Zarrar Khuhro, and Mubashir Zaidi

“Zara Hut Kay” is a delightful blend of wit, humor, and incisive commentary. Hosted by Wusatullah Khan, Zarrar Khuhro, and Mubashir Zaidi, this talk show explores current events with a unique and refreshing approach. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a lighter take on the news without compromising on substance.

The M & M Show

9. The M & M Show

Hosts: Maria Memon and Mazhar Abbas

“The M & M Show” offers a fresh perspective on news and current affairs. Hosted by Maria Memon and Mazhar Abbas, this program combines their years of journalistic experience to provide viewers with comprehensive insights. With its dynamic hosting duo, the show manages to strike a balance between serious journalism and engaging discussions.

These two talk shows add further diversity to Pakistan’s media landscape, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for sharp analysis or a more relaxed take on current events, these shows have you covered in 2023.

Hasna Mana Hai

10. Hasna Mana Hai

Host: Aftab Iqbal

“Hasna Mana Hai” is a delightful and unique addition to the world of Pakistani talk shows. Hosted by the charismatic Aftab Iqbal, the show combines humor, satire, and light-hearted discussions to entertain and inform viewers. It’s the perfect program for those who want to stay informed while enjoying a good laugh.

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