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How to Tell if Someone Values You.
How to Tell if Someone Values You.


How to Tell if Someone Values You.

They Will Do Most, If Not All of the Following.

They offer you their generally undivided focus and attention, the majority of the time you are in their company.

They return your phone calls and texts in a timely manner.

They do not routinely cancel on you.

They are not frequently late in a significant way.

They showcase a sense of openness and interest toward your life pursuits, passions, emotional experiences, and happenings.

They prioritize and make a point to spend time with you.

They don’t regularly leave you hanging.

They are interested in listening to and learning about who you are. Their actions will make this obvious.

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They laugh with you.

They apologize when they mess up with you (and, you do the same with them).

They partake, at least a little bit, in the things that are important to you. Whether it’s attending your poetry reading or coming to hear your band play, reading your writing, inquiring about your latest cool project at work, listening to you recollect the wonderful time you had recently with a close friend, taking the time to hear about your children, you get the idea. They don’t have to do this all the time, or even a ton, but they should do it to a decent degree.

They are willing to compromise, to try places and things that you like or suggest (and, you should do the same with them as well).

They are trustworthy. You can feel confident and safe that the things you disclose to and confide in them will remain between the two of you unless otherwise specified.

They do not attempt to bully, manipulate, stronghold, or betray you.

They notice and thank you for the things you do, with and for them.

They pay attention to what’s happening in your life, to the things you love and loathe. They recall these.

They remember your birthday and other significant occasions (the first day of your new job and such).

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They put down their phone, away entirely, when in your company. And they leave it away.

In short, it’s quite plain when a person values you. We often make this out to be something challenging and unclear, a thing that’s difficult to figure out and decipher.

It isn’t.

When a person holds you in respected and valued esteem, you won’t really have to wonder. Instead, you know it.

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