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Here are the 10 most popular Apple TV Plus shows right now
Here are the 10 most popular Apple TV Plus shows right now


Here are the 10 most popular Apple TV Plus shows right now

Apple TV Plus is the streaming service most people are learning to love. Thanks to heartwarming shows such as Ted Lasso, the Cupertino firm’s streaming has slowly but steadily grown its audience while also getting recognition from critics with hundreds of awards in just three years.

While common sense would say Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and Severance are Apple TV Plus’ most popular shows, how big are they, in fact? JustWatch (via 9to5Mac) shared a list of what Apple TV Plus subscribers have been watching the most on the streaming platform, which could also be a great list for those planning to hop into the platform.

Here’s the full ranking of the most popular Apple TV Plus shows:

  1. Ted Lasso (27.1%)
  2. Severance (19.6%)
  3. The Morning Show (11.8%)
  4. Foundation (8.2%)
  5. See (8.0%)
  6. For All Mankind (7.9%)
  7. Black Bird (5.6%)
  8. Defending Jacob (5.4%)
  9. Slow Horses (4.9%)
  10. Servant (4.2%)

ted lasso apple tv plus bgr

The rankings show that new shows on Apple TV Plus are also well received by viewers. Unsurprisingly, Ted Lasso is a hit, but so is his Severance in 2022, with a second season on the way.

However, Apple TV Plus has many shows that have already ended but are still popular on the platform, such as See, Defending Jacob, and Servant.

Another sign of Apple TV Plus expansion is that its global market share surpassed his 6% for the first time. While Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are losing subscribers, TV Plus and other smaller platforms are gaining those viewers with cheap subscriptions to major shows. Starting today, you can get Apple TV Plus for $6.99/month or included in an Apple One bundle. first time subscribers can get some free months if they buy an iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, or Mac.

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