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Elon Musk
Elon Musk


Elon Musk says Twitter will open source its recommendation code on March 31

It appears like Elon Musk will soon fulfil his vow to provide Twitter’s source code.
At least a portion of it.

The CEO of Twitter said that the firm will open-source the code used to suggest tweets on March 31 in a post on the social media website.
About how that would operate or particularly when on that day the code will be made available, Musk did not offer any other information.

Musk has been teasing and promising open-sourcing Twitter’s code for a while now, so it’ll be interesting to see what the impact is if the company does make good on its promise to do so. The CEO had already said it would be released back in February, but that never came to be. Musk also said to “prepare to be disappointed” when it did so.

After essentially banning third-party applications like Tweetbot and Twitterrific for a few months, Twitter may now be offering up its source code.
Just a short time after that, the business said that it will begin charging for use of its API, citing the fact that “over the years, hundreds of millions of individuals have sent over a trillion tweets, with billions more every week.
The most potent data sets in the world are those from Twitter.
We’re dedicated to providing quick & thorough access so you can keep working with us.

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Yet the rollout of those API proposals is still pending.
There has been “an tremendous amount of anticipation for the planned improvements with the Twitter API,” Twitter stated while announcing the postponement roughly a month ago.
We will put off the introduction of our new API platform by a couple more days in order to provide the developer community the best possible experience.
The programme has been delayed for a whole month.


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