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Apple Watch Series


Apple Watch Series 8: All the rumors and news you need to know about

The Apple Observe Arrangement 7 may still be generally youthful, but we’re as of now turning our consideration to the following showprobably titled the Apple Observe Arrangement 8. The next-gen smartwatch might well offer a total update over this year’s observe. Or, it seem refine on what we as of now have. Either way, it’s likely to be the leading smartwatch out there. Rumors around the next-gen smartwatch have as of now begun circulating. While we don’t necessarily know what it’ll see like, we will conjecture. Inquisitive about learning more? Here’s everything we know so distant around the Apple Observe Arrangement 8.

Apple Watch Series 8 design

Contrary to all the rumors, the Apple Observe Arrangement 7 advertised a plan that was exceptionally comparable to the Apple Observe Arrangement 6. That’s to say, it had adjusted edges, and an by and large see comparable to the previous-generation show, spare for the bigger display.

That may alter for the Apple Observe Arrangement 8. A few rumors demonstrate that the Apple Observe Arrangement 7 update got pushed to following year due to fabricating issues. Which means that we seem another year get a flat-sided Apple Observe that will coordinate later iPhone and iPad models.


Renders appearing what was at that point thought to be the Apple Observe Arrangement 7 were to begin with distributed by Jon Prosser. They appear an Apple Observe that’s accessible in a number of colors. Of course, it’s completely conceivable that the spilled renders are totally off, which the Apple Observe Arrangement 8 will conclusion up looking much just like the Arrangement 7. That isn’t essentially a terrible thing — the Arrangement 7 is still a great-looking gadget. But it might dissapoint a few clients that were holding out trust for a radical update.

Apple Watch Series 8 specs

The Apple Observe Arrangement 7 advertised exceptionally small within the way of updated internals over the Arrangement 6. That might alter for the Arrangement 8. Really, the Apple Observe doesn’t require a much quicker processor — but giving it one would guarantee that it’ll remain significant for longer. A few rumors recommended that Apple was seeking after a modern double-sided System-on-a-Chip for the Arrangement 7, which would allegedly provide the gadget a battery boost.

It’s conceivable we seem see that tech on the Arrangement 8. Only time will tell. Whether that tech arrives within the Apple Observe Arrangement 8 or not, it’s completely conceivable that the gadget will get superior battery life. Now that the Apple Observe tracks rest, clients require distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved”>a distant better battery life than ever.

Apple Watch Series 8 fitness tracking

Rumors around way better wellness following on the Apple Observe have been circulating for a few time. Strikingly, Apple is supposedly working on a way to track blood glucose within the Apple Observe, which would offer assistance clients distinguish or screen diabetes.

This would be a tremendous expansion to the device. A report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple is additionally working on a skin temperature sensor, which seem possibly offer assistance with ripeness planning.

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We’ll need to hold up and see what sorts of made strides wellness following we do conclusion up seeing within the Arrangement 8.

Apple Watch Series 8 price and release date

We’re still a long way off from an official Apple Observe Arrangement 8 discharge. The Apple Observe Arrangement 7 was reported nearby the iPhone 13 arrangement at an occasion in September 2021. It’s likely that the modern gadget will be reported at a comparable time in 2022. We anticipate the cost to stay comparative — with the littler show beginning at $399.

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