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Time Freak (2018 Movie) Trailer

Time Freak (2018 Movie) Trailer “I have created what every broken heart wants: a second chance.” Lionsgate has debuted the first official trailer for a time travel romantic comedy titled Time Freak, a full-length feature film version of Andrew Bowler’s Oscar nominated short film of the same name from a few years ago. The …

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Rabbit (2018) – Official Trailer HD

Rabbit (2018) – Official Trailer HD “Do you think she’s alive…?” The Orchard has debuted the official US trailer for an Australian thriller titled Rabbit, which premiered and played at numerous genre film festivals in October of last year. The film is about a young woman from Adelaide who decides to return …

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What does Google know about you?

What does Google know about you? How the internet search giant has turned into Big Brother Google first began as the helpful search engine which endeavored to index the entire web. The company’s previous “Don’t be evil” motto was embedded into its code of conduct during its formative years, way …

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