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Ayesha Omar Contemplates Leaving Pakistan: A Reflection on Safety and Freedom
Ayesha Omar Contemplates Leaving Pakistan: A Reflection on Safety and Freedom


Ayesha Omar Contemplates Leaving Pakistan: A Reflection on Safety and Freedom

Ayesha Omar Contemplates Leaving Pakistan: A Reflection on Safety and Freedom

Renowned Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar recently opened up about her contemplation to leave Pakistan, citing concerns about the current economic situation and the safety of women in the country. In a candid discussion during a podcast, Omar expressed her love for Pakistan, acknowledging that the country has been the source of everything she holds dear.

The heart of Omar’s concerns lies in her perceived lack of safety, particularly in Karachi, where she admitted to feeling stressed and anxious. The actress lamented the restrictions on women’s freedom, expressing a desire to walk on the road and cycle freely, basic activities that she feels are hindered by the prevailing environment.

During the podcast, Omar highlighted a unique perspective on the fear women face in Pakistan, emphasizing that men may never fully understand the challenges women grow up with. She pointed out that, even during the COVID-19 lockdown when women had a temporary reprieve to walk outside, the underlying anxiety persisted.

Drawing on personal experiences, Omar contrasted her sense of security in Lahore during college with her unease in Karachi. She recalled feeling much safer in Lahore, where she would confidently travel on buses. However, incidents of being mugged twice in Karachi have contributed to her growing concerns about personal safety.

Omar expressed frustration at the pervasive fear that prevents her from walking freely in Pakistan, citing the constant worry about kidnapping, rape, and mugging. She emphasized that freedom and safety are fundamental human needs, asserting that these necessities are lacking in her current environment.

The actress also touched upon the broader issue of safety within homes, pointing out that, despite crime occurring in every country, one should still be able to go out and walk without fear. Omar shared her disappointment in being unable to visit a park in Pakistan without facing harassment.

Despite these concerns, Ayesha Omar made it clear that her love for Pakistan remains unwavering. She expressed a profound connection to the land, stating that if given the choice to live anywhere in the world, she would still choose Pakistan. However, she revealed that her brother has already moved abroad to Denmark, and her mother is also considering leaving the country, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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