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Trailer for ‘Queen of Lapa’ Doc About Brazilian Transgender Goddess

Trailer for 'Queen of Lapa' Doc About Brazilian Transgender Goddess

“When you’re alone, you learn how to live.” Brokenhorse Films has unveiled an official trailer for an indie documentary titled Queen of Lapa, which originally screened at a few small film festivals last year. It will be released on VOD in June this summer for those curious to give it a look. A proud transgender sex worker since the age of eleven, Luana Muniz, now 59 years old, has helped shape a new reality in her “hostel” by housing a new generation of transgender sex workers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Queen of Lapa explores the day-to-day lives, rivalries, and quests for love of many sex workers, as Muniz’s guides them in a city full of hostility towards its LGBTQ community. This is not just a profile of a transgender goddess and “proud sex professional”, but an intimate story about activism and how we can change the world by helping each other.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Collatos & Monnerat’s doc Queen of Lapa

Larger-than-life actress, cabaret performer, activist, and proud sex professional since the age of eleven, Luana Muniz – arguably one of Brazil’s most famous transgender personalities – has shaped a new reality in her hostel by providing a safe working environment for generations of young transgendered girls in neighborhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro. Queen of Lapa explores the women’s day-to-day lives, quests for love, the Brazilian political climate, housemate rivalries, all happening under matriarch Muniz’s watchful and guiding eye. Queen of Lapa is co-directed by Brazilian filmmakers Theodore Collatos (director of the docs Move and On Point, and other features / shorts) & Carolina Monnerat (a doc producer making her directorial debut). This originally premiered at the Maryland Film Festival last year. Brokenhorse Films will release Queen of Lapa direct-to-VOD starting June 19th this summer. For more, visit the official website.