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Taylor Swift is celebrating: this Friday, August 23, he releases his seventh studio album titled Lover . And, although there is still a day to go, it already has more than one million online reservations. Come on, it’s a success even before it goes on the market.

Although Swift should be elated, his legal fight with Scooter Braun (his former manager) for the rights of his first six albums is making the moment bittersweet. But Swift is to take arms and does not go with little girls. And what will he do? Then record again each of the songs from his previous works.

Taylor explained through a Tumblr post that Big Machine Records (Braun’s record label) has the rights to the master copies of his last six albums. What does this mean? They continue to make money with those recordings that Swift made in the past. Thus, to try to cope with them, Taylor will re-record his previous work, as he has assured in an interview for CBS.

And it is that Swift does control all the rights of the lyrics and the compositions of his songs. Come on, you can record all your songs and publish them again with Universal Music (the label with which Lover will release ). In this way, we would see on the shelves of the establishments and on the digital platforms two versions of the same album: one that would belong to Big Machine Records and another that would belong to Universal Music. We are sure that fans will prefer this latest version, considering how badly Swift has been going through in recent months.

It should be remembered that last June, when Big Machine Records bought the rights to his songs, the artist said he was living a nightmare and that Scooter Braun had been bullying since 2016, when he had all the conflict with Kanye West.

We will have to wait to see what is left and to know when the re-recorded versions of Swift songs will come out. Of course, we must take it patiently because the diva is in full promotion of Lover.

Source : lost40