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Tatiana Maslany & Jay Duplass in First Trailer for Indie Film ‘Pink Wall’

“Just trying to go back to the moment… where it changed for us.” Oh boy, this looks heartbreaking. The first trailer has debuted for an indie relationship drama titled Pink Wall, which is premiering at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival in March. Pink Wall is the directorial debut of Welsh actor Tom Cullen, who recruited Tatiana Maslany and Jay Duplass to star as a couple looking back on their experiences together. The description says it’s made up of only six scenes across six years, “six moments that shaped the relationship of Jenna and Leon.” The music in this trailer is what makes it really stand out, there’s so much emotion and so much meaning in these somber melodies. It reminds me a bit of Drake Doremus’ films, but it seems to be unique in its own way. Put this film on your schedule if you’re going to SXSW, keep an eye on it if you’re not.

Here’s the first official UK trailer for Tom Cullen’s Pink Wall,

Six scenes. Six years. Six moments that shaped the relationship of Jenna (Maslany) and Leon (Duplass). Pink Wall examines what defines us, the pressures of gender expectations, and our perpetual struggle between life and ambition. Pink Wall is both written and directed by Welsh actor Tom Cullen, making his feature directorial debut after producing one film previously. This is the first time he has directed anything. This will be premiering at the SXSW Film Festival coming up in March. Produced by Maggie Monteith for Dignity Film Finance and Talland Films, and Jamie Adams and Richard Ellis for Two Flowers And A King. The film is still seeking international distribution, so no release dates are set. Stay tuned. First impression?