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Having your own hotel website is an excellent way to showcase your distinction and put forward the best representation of your hotel online. In the modern world, where the use of mobile phones and laptops rises every day, more than 63.5% bookings are done online.

Generating a website for a new hotel can be easy but the performance is all that matters. Most of the time, the speed of the website is never considered by many hoteliers which shows a huge impact on online bookings. The hotel managers pay a huge amount on a website for making it look attractive and catchy as compared to other competitors but they do not realize how important load speed really is.

Only a small delay in page response can reduce your customer’s satisfaction which means no bookings in the future. Website performance is highly important, for the big companies like Amazons and eBay, a 100 ms increase in page load time can cause 1% loss in sales. Same happens to the hospitality websites which lose their online booking every time when the website takes time to load.

According to the customer experience optimization specialists Eggplant, 80% of the people are frustrated by the consistently slow website than those running fast. To prove the statement Eggplant combined 3,200 UK and US adults and note their attitudes to the speed and performance of a website. In the end, they found that a company or organization with a slow website is likely to lose 73% of its customers. This shows that why most of the hotels with outstanding interior and affordable room rates couldn’t raise their scale of sales.

“If brands were not aware before, they are now — website speed is critical to business success. With retailers already preparing for the holiday shopping season, we urge them to make sure they analyze and optimize every element of their online presence to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible. As the research has shown, a slow website will drive consumers away, negatively impacting the health of the business.” Said Dr. John Bates, CEO, Eggplant


Important SEO Points for Website’s Speed
Here are some SEO points which will make it clear that why a website’s speed is important to for a business.

  • The ranking of the website on Google is all based upon its speed. The better running websites are likely to rank by Google, which means more clicks on online bookings.
  • The websites with good speed see lower bounce rates, this is the reason why fewer people leave your website after only viewing one page.
  • Faster websites are more viewed and used by customers. People tend to click more pages which means your hotel’s awareness to the customer is increased by 60%
  • Load speed can directly affect the website’s conversion rate.

Final Words
Being a hotelier, if you really want to take direct bookings through your website seriously, it’s important you examine how quickly your guests can browse your website, learn about your services and make a booking.
Tip to remember: The major hotel booking portals often care about their speed and 40% of the online bookings are made through it. It’s better to register yourself on booking sites like booking.com and trivago.com etc.

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