Short Paragraph on Human Cloning

The human cloning technique uses the unclear transfer technology to clone humans. In this technology the nucleus of a cell is taken out and transplanted in the nucleus of a cell is taken out and transplanted in the nuclear free embryo. Hereafter, electric currents are passed. So that division of cells takes place. Then the fully developed embryo is planted inside a surrogate mother. Recently Dr. Severing Antimere, Prof. Michael Zealous, Brigitte Boisselier have declared their intention to go ahead with human cloning. There are many worrying aspects of cloning humans. Firstly, Cloning animals have met with a good percentage of failure e.g. 187c of cloned mice died. Even Dolly’s cloning was done after 250 failures. Further animals’ cloning is marred by 90 per cent still births miscarriages and deformities. The question is what will happen if such a thing happens. Further these clones may have various health and genetic problems. For example if cells from a 50 year old man are taken some of the genes may have switched off forever. However, cloning can helpful in some ways. Infertile couples can have babies through cloning. Further spare organs can be had from clones. For example if one has a kidney failure, he can get it from his clone.

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