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Hotels tend to offer services to travelers all the time. Whether they are business travelers, families who come to spent their vacations, or couples who come for a relaxing honeymoon. Hotel management’s main purpose is to serve the guests in a way that it feels like home away from home.

For a place, where hundreds of people are checking-in, the security threads becomes more obvious. The security of a hotel is equally important because nobody likes to stay in a threatened environment.

Terrorism Threats

On 25/01/2017 At least 28 people were killed and dozens wounded in a coordinated gun-and-bomb attack carried out by al-Shabab at a popular hotel in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. The use of vehicles for terrorist attacks is not a new approach. Hotel and resorts are a place where people often travel through private transports therefore, the Vehicle borne attacks are very common and hotels need to plan a good strategy to avoid these type of Terrorism threats.



This incident happened in the same year, A guest at the luxury beachfront Maharani Hotel was arrested for kidnapping over the brief disappearance of the 3-year-old son of another guest. Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the United States. There are more than 460,000 missing children each year. Video surveillance can also be connected to the access control system to provide 24/7 monitoring in the hotel.

Cyber Attacks

Global hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group said 1,200 of its franchised hotels in the United States, including Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, were victims of a three-month cyber-attack that sought to steal customer payment card data. Hotels need to ensure that it has all the security devices to prevent cyber-attacks.



On January 10, 2018, Jewelry worth millions were stolen from the Ritz hotel in Paris. It was said that the Famous jewelers from the area use the display windows inside Paris’s most famous hotel to attract the Ritz’s wealthy clients. To prevent the hotel from such robbery incidents it is important to install proper security systems.


The security issues discussed above are faced by upscale hotels in the town. To keep your hotel away from the robbery, kidnapping, cyber and terrorist threats, you can use common security measures like access control systems, video surveillance and more.

If you know about any other incident that happened in any of the leading hotels, let us know in the comments below.