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Second Trailer for Action Movie ’21 Bridges’ with Chadwick Boseman

“What is going on here?” “That’s what I’m trying to figure out.” STX Entertainment has released a second trailer for the NYC action thriller 21 Bridges. This trailer debuted at Comic-Con as a surprise, revealed by the Russo Brothers who produced it. The title is a reference to the decision in the movie, during a citywide manhunt, to shut down and block off all 21 bridges that access Manhattan (and all the tunnels and trains). Chadwick Boseman stars as a disgraced detective seeking redemption who gets into the massive manhunt for a cop killer which leads him to discover a massive conspiracy that links his fellow cops to a criminal empire. The big ensemble cast includes Taylor KitschSienna MillerJ.K. SimmonsKeith DavidStephan JamesDale PavinskiGary CarrVictoria Cartagena, and Toby Hemingway. This trailer is leaning heavily on The Dark Knight and TDK Rises, feeling very similar to when they shut down Gotham for those city-wide manhunts. I dig that vibe for this, I just hope the film lives up to the hype of this trailer.

Here’s the second trailer (from Comic-Con) for Brian Kirk’s 21 Bridges, direct from STX’s

You can still rewatch the first official trailer for Kirk’s 21 Bridges here, to see the original reveal again.

Follows a disgraced detective (Boseman) in the NYPD who is given a shot at redemption. Thrust into a citywide manhunt for a cop killer, he begins to undercover a massive conspiracy that links his fellow cops to a criminal empire and must decide who he is hunting and who is actually hunting him. During the manhunt, Manhattan is completely locked down for the first time in its history – no exit or entry to the island including all 21 bridges. 21 Bridges, originally titled 17 Bridges, is directed by Irish filmmaker Brian Kirk, director of the film Middletown previously, as well as TV episodes for “Game of Thrones” and “Penny Dreadful”. The screenplay is written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Adam Mervis. STX will open Kirk’s 21 Bridges in theaters everywhere starting September 27th, 2019 later this fall. How’s it looking? Better?