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Official US Trailer for Claire Denis’ Weird, Wacky Sci-Fi Film ‘High Life’ –

“Break the laws of nature, and you’ll pay for it.” A24 has finally unveiled their own full-length trailer for the indie sci-fi film High Life, the latest from acclaimed French filmmaker Claire Denis (Beau Travail35 Shots of RumWhite MaterialBastards). This low budget, “eerily sexy” sci-fi space drama premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and is also playing at the New York and Sitges Film Festivals last year. The story is about a man, as played by Robert Pattinson, stuck on a spaceship heading to a distant star. He tries to interact with the rest of the crew who are slowly going mad on the long voyage. Reactions from the festivals have been divisive, with extreme love and hate for this super artistic, slow burn sci-fi drama. The full cast includes Juliette BinocheAndré BenjaminMia GothLars EidingerAgata Buzek, and Claire Tran. If you’ve been curious about this, check it out – it is considerably weird and wacky and very cerebral.

Here’s the full-length US trailer (+ poster) for Claire Denis’ High Life,

You can still watch the teaser trailer for Denis’ High Life here, and the full-length French trailer here.

The destination is the black hole within closest reach of Earth. The spaceship’s crew is a collection of dangerous prisoners, last-chancers with nothing left to lose. At first Monte (Robert Pattinson) is the only crew member awake, rigorously tending to the ship to keep them all alive as they hurtle through space. But Monte is also caring for a baby daughter, born on board. This anomaly is only the first sign of the chaos to come. As Monte’s self-discipline slips, the crew awakens and conflicts erupt. High Life is directed by acclaimed French filmmaker Claire Denis, of the films Beau TravailTrouble Every DayFriday NightThe Intruder35 Shots of RumWhite MaterialBastards, and Let the Sunshine In previously. The script is written by Claire Denis, and Jean-Pol Fargeau & Geoff Cox. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is next playing at the New York Film Festival. A24 will release Denis’ High Life in select US theaters starting April 12th coming up this spring. Visit their official websiteHow does that look? Who’s into this?

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