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New Trailer for Uncut Edition of 90s Cult Classic ‘Tammy & The T-Rex’

"Everybody walk the dinosaur." Chicago's Music Box Theatre has debuted an official trailer for the special "Gore-Cut" version of the 90s cult classic direct-to-video comedy Tammy & The T-Rex. Made only a year after Jurassic Park broke records in 1993, this film arrived in late 1994 and earned a cult following. It stars Denise Richards as the high school girlfriend of a guy who is murdered and then his brain is implanted into a robotic T-Rex that looks super fake. Oh, it's wacky. "Playing like a '90s Disney Channel movie—until the decapitations and head crushings begin. So put on your best T-Rex costume and join us for an ultra-rare, and possibly first-of-its-kind, public screening of this original, uncut, R-rated, gore-filled 35mm print of Tammy." It also stars a young Paul Walker, plus Theo ForsettEllen Dubin, and Terry Kiser. This new "uncut" version of the camp sci-fi comedy is part of a 4K restoration, direct from the camera negative, that will be out on VOD/Blu-ray later in the year. You just have to see this film to believe it really does exist.

Here's the new trailer for the "Uncut" version of Stewart Raffill's Tammy & The T-Rex,

"He's the coolest pet in town!" A tale of true love and sci-fi madness as old as time absurdly unfurls in your new, soon to be all-time-favorite, too-insane-to-exist, cult classic film: Tammy and The T-Rex! An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael (a 21-year-old, babyfaced Paul Walker), a murdered high school student, into a robotic T-Rex, who swiftly escapes and goes on a wild mission to violently kill off his high school tormentors and reunite with his sweetheart, Tammy (Denise Richards). Tammy and The T-Rex is directed by British filmmaker Stewart Raffill (also of The Ice Pirates, The Philadelphia Experiment, Mac and Me, Lost in Africa), and was first released in December of 1994 - direct to video, it never made it to theaters. The Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival in Chicago is screening a rare "Gore-Cut" version from the Academy Film Archive at its fest this summer. For tickets to view this, visit Who's in?