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Larkin Bell & Ericson Just in Travel Romance Indie ‘Hatchback’ Trailer

“What is this all about, anyway?” Level 33 Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for an indie film titled Hatchback, a cute romance and road trip film combined – the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Eric H. Sheffield. The film won Best Actor at the Austin Indie Fest, and Best Dramedy Feature at the Culver City Film Festival. The film is about Wyatt, a narcoleptic who gets entwined with a mysterious girl named Fern who lives in an ’88 Toyota Tercel hatchback on his block. They end up going to Los Angeles together to try and find her missing father who might still be living there. Co-starring Ericson Just and Larkin Bell, along with Will GummMichelle GallagherMyles CranfordTommy SenterTim O’LearySri Chilukuri, and Michelle Bernard. This looks low-key charming and witty, a nice amusing indie to catch.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Eric H. Sheffield’s Hatchback, direct from Level 33’s

Wyatt, a cynical narcoleptic who lives in a flop house-like apartment, wants to be a journalist. His career dreams are nearly dashed when he notices a mysterious girl named Fern living on his block in an 88′ Toyota Tercel hatchback. Fern’s father went missing and assumed dead when she was a young child living in Montana. After receiving a cryptic letter from a stranger named Dr. Green, telling her that her father is alive and living in LA, she decides to go look for him herself. Together the two set off on a journey to find Fern’s elusive dad among the derelict corners of the city, while developing a not so platonic interest for each other along the way. Hatchback is both written and directed by filmmaker Eric H. Sheffield, making his feature directorial debut after a few shorts and other production work previously. This premiered at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, and also won Best Actor at the Austin Indie Fest this year. Level 33 Ent. will release Sheffield’s Hatchback direct-to-VOD starting August 20th this summer. Anyone interested in this?

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