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Jack in the Box will serve ‘Tiny Tacos’ that come in boxes with special dipping sauces

Tiny Tacos
  • ack in the Box’s famous tacos are now available in bite-size form.
  • The new “Tiny Tacos” are being tested in Dallas and Austin, Texas, and Fresno, California.
  • At the Texas locations a box of 25 tacos costs $5, while the Fresno shops are charging $3 for 15 tacos.
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Jack in the Box, the West Coast fast-food chain, has long been known for its delectable, crunchy tacos.

Now, superfans of the brand can feast on its new “Tiny Tacos,” which are virtually identical to the original treats but come in bite-sized shells instead.

Jack in the Box is currently testing the shrunken-down snacks in three cities across the country, according to Chewboom. At restaurant locations in Dallas and Austin, Texas, the tiny tacos are available in $5 boxes of 25. They also come with dipping sauce holsters for the Taco, Buttermilk Ranch, and new Creamy Avocado Lime sauces.

In Fresno, California, meanwhile, the new Tiny Tacos come in sets of 15 for $3 and are served in to-go style containers. For an extra dollar, Chewboom reports you can get Loaded Tiny Tacos, which are served with melted cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce on top.

The miniature treats will be available in Dallas, Austin, and Fresno until September 1, but whether or not the Tiny Tacos will make their way across the country remains to be seen.

Jack in the Box did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s request for comment.

Source : MSN

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