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Hugh Jackman & Allison Janney in Official Trailer for ‘Bad Education’

“Frank – you have nothing to worry about.” “Frank’s gonna fix this.” HBO has just revealed the full-length official trailer for Cory Finley’s film Bad Education, which was one of the big breakout features from the Toronto Film Festival last fall. The film is a fictionalized version of the true story of the single largest public school embezzlement scandal in history – about schools on Long Island. You can read more about it in this NY Mag article that this film is based on. Hugh Jackman stars as Frank Tassone, the superintendent caught up in an embezzling scheme involving him and a few of his employees. The cast includes Allison JanneyRay RomanoGeraldine ViswanathanKathrine Narducci, and Alex Wolff. Looks wicked good, demented but still good. Based on this footage it should live up to festival hype. A must watch trailer.

Here’s the full-length trailer (+ poster) for Cory Finley’s Bad Education, direct from HBO’s YouTube:

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