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‘Heartbroken’ fans sending love, asking not to stop posting travel videos: Ayesha Omar

Pakistani singer-turned-actress Ayesha Omar announced she will be making her Instagram private after she received backlash for from social media users for her ‘bold’ vacation pictures, but seems like she will probably change her mind as her fans sent her love.

Her vacation pictures drew ire of fans soon after which she announced she will be making her Instagram private. However, soon after she shared her announcement, she took to her Instagram stories to reveal she has been getting so much love and support from her fans in her Direct Messages.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she thanked her fans for all the love and positive vibes they are sending her way.

Ayesha was on a vacation to Ibiza, Spain where she was seen having some fun time. She posted some pictures and videos on her Instagram, which led to unnecessary trolling on social media.

The ‘Bulbulay’ actress was upset with the hate she had been receiving on her profile, after which she decided to make a separate private Instagram account to avoid hate comments. She was shamed by fans for posting ‘bold’ and ‘inappropriate’ pictures.

Taking to an Instagram story, the star wrote, “So I’ve deleted all my stories, the ones with all the DJ’s and music.” She continued saying, “Thanks to all your hate, I’ll be making a private Instagram account very soon and that’s where I’ll share those with my friends and family. Should’ve done it sooner actually. Don’t need none of them negative vibes in my life”.