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First Trailer for ‘Ode to Joy’ with Martin Freeman & Morena Baccarin

“She’s everything I’ve ever avoided… I’m drawn to her like a moth!” IFC Films has debuted the first trailer for an indie romantic comedy titled Ode to Joy, the latest feature made by producer / filmmaker Jason Winer (Arthur, “Modern Family”, “Life in Pieces”). Based on a true story originally featured on the radio show “This American Life”, Ode to Joy is a hilarious and touching look at what happens when we stop being afraid and let ourselves truly live. Martin Freeman stars as Charlie, a man who has a rare condition called cataplexy, which causes him to lose control of his muscles and freeze up whenever he is overcome by strong emotion, particularly joy. How does someone like that find love and feel joy? That’s what this film is all about. Morena Baccarin stars as his love interest, and the cast includes Melissa RauchJake LacyShannon WoodwardJane CurtinEllis RubinJackie Seiden, & Adam Shapiro. Looks super cute.

Here’s the first official trailer (+ poster) for Jason Winer’s Ode to Joy, direct from IFC’s

How does a man who is — literally — paralyzed by happiness find love…? Thanks to a condition called cataplexy — a rare disorder that causes him to lose control of his muscles whenever he is overcome by strong emotion, particularly joy — Brooklyn librarian Charlie (Martin Freeman) has learned to carefully edit all delight-triggering people, places, and events out of his life. Family weddings, cute babies, adorable puppies, and, yes, romance are all fraught with peril in Charlie’s carefully managed world. But when the beautiful, spontaneous Francesca (Morena Baccarin) falls for him, the risk-averse Charlie finds himself at a crossroads: suppress his feelings of attraction, or take a chance and let love in? Ode to Joy is directed by American producer / filmmaker Jason Winer, director of the comedy Arthur previously, as well as lots of TV work including “Modern Family”, “Life in Pieces”, “Single Parents”. The screenplay is written by Max Werner; based on a true story featured on “This American Life” from Chris Higgins. IFC Films will release Winer’s Ode to Joy in select theaters + on VOD starting August 9th this summer. Who’s interested in this?

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