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EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Leone never faced the casting couch; says it exists and happens to men as well

Casting couch is the sad reality of the film industry. Oftentimes, actors have spoken up about their experience with the casting couch and how they dealt with it. Now, in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Sunny Leone spoke about the reality of casting couch.

During an Instagram live chat with us, Sunny Leone was answering a question from a fan who asked if she has ever faced the casting couch and whether it exists or not. “I have not. It is not a myth. It exists everywhere. It’s not just India, it’s all over the world. I believe when each woman speaks up when something like this happens then eventually maybe it will stop. And it is not just with women, it is with men as well,” the actress said.

Recently, actor Ayushmann Khurrana also opened up about having to face the casting couch. Recalling in his initial days in the industry, he said in an interview that a casting director had asked him to show his tool in return for the lead role in a film. Ayushmann however, politely refused the offer.

Source : Bollywood Hungama