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Ethan Hawke & Noomi Rapace in Trailer for Crime Comedy ‘Stockholm’

“All of Sweden would like to know: what is it like being stuck in there with those criminals?” Dark Star has debuted the first official trailer for the indie crime comedy Stockholm, made by Canadian director Robert Budreau. This true crime film tells the strange story of the infamous 1973 hostage crisis in Stockholm, which is where the term “Stockholm Syndrome” originates. Ethan Hawke stars as Lars, a “charming, bumbling, Bob Dylan-loving crook” who one day tries to rob the biggest bank in Stockholm, Sweden, taking the bank staff and patrons hostage. But as they soon discover, he’s not all that he seems, and soon enough some of the hostages begin to help him figure out how to safely escape with the money. Also starring Noomi RapaceChristopher HeyerdahlBea SantosThorbjørn HarrJohn Ralston, and Mark Rendall. So this looks as amusing and as crazy as it sounds, but that’s exactly why it’s such a compelling story. Worth a look.

Here’s the first official trailer for Robert Budreau’s Stockholm

Festival description: There’s the Brooklyn bank robbery that inspired Dog Day Afternoon, and then, there’s the 1973 case that originated the term “Stockholm Syndrome.” Rob Budreau’s Stockholm recounts the absurd true story that sent psychologists scrambling to explain why a group of bank clerks insisted on defending the thief who had taken them hostage. Ethan Hawke stars as Lars, a charming, bumbling, Bob Dylan-loving crook who storms into the Swedish capital’s mightiest money lender and confuses hostages and police alike with his bizarre demands—like requesting an accomplice and friend (Mark Strong) be released from prison to join him in his delinquency. As the hostages come to realize that Lars couldn’t hurt a fly, bank clerk Bianca (Noomi Rapace) and her fellow captives help him hatch a plan to prolong the standoff and escape with millions. Stockholm is both written & directed by Canadian producer / filmmaker Robert Budreau, of the films That Beautiful Somewhere and Born to Be Blue previously. This premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. Dark Star Pics will release Stockholm in select theaters on April 12th.