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ENTERTAINMENT Iqra Aziz says she’s only hearing ‘good wishes, prayers’ as her engagement joy is so huge

Lovebirds Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have been getting flak ever since their engagement on Lux Style awards last week. The actress has broken silence over her public proposal with a heartfelt note.

The couple has been criticised for their ‘unnecessary PDA’ after Iqra said yes to Yasir’s proposal at the award show. Days after, she has posted on Instagram a reply to all the negative comments she has been receiving since last week.

“My man expressed his love in front of the world which takes a lot of guts and I am blissful, you’r my zing. Thank you for being so expressive, generous, caring, loving, chivalrous, realistic and noble. I love you…X,” she wrote in a long Instagram post showing off her engagement ring.

People have also been calling the proposal ‘fake’ and ‘pre-planned’. In answer to that, Iqra wrote, “To whom it may concern: If a girl during her proposal chooses to enjoy the moment with laughter instead of shedding tears, one is not supposed to say that all of this was planned”.

Yasir too indirectly took a jibe at all those criticising him for hugging and kissing her fiance, as he posted a meme on his Instagram story.

Many Pakistani celebrities have been sending congratulatory messages to the couple for starting a new life together.