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Eminem addresses criticism against ‘Music To Be Murdered By’

Eminem hit out at critics who slammed lyrics from his recent album Music To Be Murdered By, one week after he released the album saying that it was not for those who were “easily offended”.

Slim Shady, who isn’t a frequent Twitter user, responded with a tweet explaining that his recent “collection” is not for everyone.

“This album was not made for the squeamish. If you are easily offended or unnerved at the screams of bloody murder, this may not be the collection for you. Certain selections have been designed to shock the conscience, which may cause positive action. Unfortunately, darkness has truly fallen upon us,” he wrote in the letter.

Saying that his bars were meant only for “the sharpest knives in the drawer”, Eminem said his album was not for the “squeamish”.

“Certain selections have been designed to shock the conscience, which may cause positive action,” reads the letter.

He took a swipe at his critics at the end of the letter, urging them to “listen more closely next time”.

 Critics have been on the Detroit native’s case since he dropped the surprise album last Friday. In his song Unaccommodating, Eminem references the 2017 Manchester bombing in which scores of people were killed at an Ariana Grande concert. Critics and families of the victims called out the rapper for his insensitive reference to the tragedy.

In other parts of the album, he takes shots at Machine Gun Kelly, Joe Budden, Lord Jamar and another Detroit rapper, Tee Grizzley.

Music To Be Murdered By is heading for the number 1 spot according to Billboard with the album expected to move between 300,000-350,000units in the first week. If that happens, this will be Eminem’s 11th consecutive No.1 album, making him the first artist to do so.


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