Edge comments on rumors about potential WWE in-ring return?

It appears that WWE Hall of Famer Edge has commented on the rumors about his status with WWE.

As noted, on Thursday, PWInsider reported today that Edge signed a really good money deal with WWE with a nice upside. Mike Johnson added that his “gut feeling” is that fans will see Edge work the Royal Rumble Match next month. Although not confirmed, he thinks fans will see him do a few matches over the next few years.

This comes after Dave Meltzer reported several months ago that there was talk of Edge wrestling again. In fact, Edge was seen in Pittsburgh, PA where wrestlers go to get cleared.

It appears that Edge commented on these rumors by writing the following on his official Twitter account, “Still not and still not. Period.”

He was forced to retire from pro wrestling due to a history of neck problems in 2011. Back at the SummerSlam show, Edge did a segment that saw him hit a spear to Elias.


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