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Discovering Unexpected Joys in ‘Roads, Trees and Honey Bees’ Trailer

“I never really expected my life to turn out like this.” Freestyle Digital Media has debuted the trailer for an indie dramedy titled Roads, Trees and Honey Bees, the feature directorial debut of young filmmaker Stephanie McBain. The film is about a trio of people on the move. Steve quits his job, gets divorced from his wife, and finds himself on a cross country journey with Connor Martin, a young, aspiring musician and his sister Sarah Martin, a college graduate who is looking for her next step. Together they embark on a journey to discover the pursuit of happiness and find their purpose in life – by driving to California. Starring Nick NicoteraDonald Clark Jr.Nikki LeighChris MulkeyJon Root, and Angela de Silva. This looks particularly unimpressive and forgettable, which explains why it hasn’t played at any festivals or elsewhere.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Stephanie McBain’s Roads, Trees and Honey Bees,

Life gets turned upside down for a thirty-something Wisconsin father and husband, Steve Anderson (Nick Nicotera), when he needs to travel cross-country to attend to his dementia-ridden father. Joined by a young aspiring musician, Connor Martin (Donald Clark Jr.), and his sister, Sarah (Nikki Leigh), the three unlikely friends learn that unexpected turns can lead you to a life better than you ever dreamed. Roads, Trees and Honey Bees is both written and directed by American filmmaker Stephanie McBain, making her feature directorial debut after one short film previously. This hasn’t premiered at any festivals. Freestyle DM will release McBain’s Roads, Trees and Honey Bees direct-to-VOD starting May 21st later this month.