CM Punk at FOX Studios this week for a possible role on WWE Backstage studio show

CM Punk at FOX Studios

Earlier today, we wrote about how people in WWE believe that CM Punk wants to return to the company and there appears to be a lot of smoke to the fire.

PWInsider cited numerous sources saying that Punk was at FOX Studios in Los Angeles earlier this week for a meeting about a potential on-air role on WWE Backstage, the new studio show that will start on November 5 on Fox Sports 1.

The story noted that Renee Young was there and Punk did some test on-camera material but it has not been confirmed yet that Punk has been signed on to do the show.

Dave Meltzer first reported several weeks ago that Punk’s agent reached out to FOX to see if there was interest in him but there appeared to be no interest in him for that role, at least not from WWE.

WWE has brought in several names for tryouts in recent weeks. I know that Edge, Christian and Paige were among the names that have been considered for the show. PWInsider also noted that Rey Mysterio and Sean Waltman were also brought in by FOX producers for a potential role.

Young and Booker T were announced as the hosts for the show earlier this week and it looks like FOX is still working out different ideas for the format of the show. One idea that has been floated is to have 3-5 personalities for a roundtable format, similar to other sports studio shows.

If Punk ends up signed to do the show then he would be working for FOX and not WWE. This is similar to how things used to operate for the UFC Tonight studio show where FOX would handle the production and the hirings with UFC being hands-off for the most part.

As noted earlier, Punk has been open to taking calls from anyone and he said as much during his Starrcast Q&A in Chicago. At this point, it seems much more likely that he’ll end up doing WWE-related work instead of going to AEW.