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Sit back and think about the hotels in the 90’s era, All plain and boring. For now, hotel rooms may seem like a big bed, with a flat TV on the front, and a small bathroom with luxurious amenities. You may believe it or not, the science and technology has changed our lives completely.

If you want a lively example then compare the hotel rooms of 20 years back with now, you’ll see how diverse the world has become with the adoption of new trends. Same as the that, do you ever thought about how future hotel rooms will look like? All modern and worth-living.

It is very clear that travel and tourism have been the main hobbies of all the millennials around the world. Obeying the fact that the millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) already make up over one-third of the world’s hotel guests and predictions state this percentage will increase to fifty percent by the year 2020. This means that the most targeted people for the hospitality industry can easily be recognized and thus, millennials will become the primary-consumer market in the years to come.

In the world full of innovations, hotels are getting modernize and planning to fulfill the needs of today’s travelers with science and technology. There’s no doubt that the hotel rooms in the coming years will be surrounded by a breathtaking environment with a mixture of modernization.

These are some of the expected technologies that you’ll be seeing in future hotel rooms.

Spa Inspired Bathrooms

This is not an expected future hotel room idea because most of the hotels like Hilton and Sheraton has already implemented them into their hotel space. But soon this idea of spa-inspired bathrooms will be seen in every upscale hotel.


Bigger Bathroom and Smaller Rooms

After the invention of flat screen TV’s, the hoteliers planned to minimize the size of the rooms as most of the space occupied by the early hotel rooms was due to big size box TV’s. It is expected that the size of the guest rooms will be relatively shorter than as of now.

The main purpose of this idea is to provide interesting space for the customers for socializing and not just spending time by sitting in the room.


After the implementation of this idea, the hotel room will become a comfy nest with everything you need at your fingertips and nothing more.

Adoption of High-Tech Features

The future hotel rooms will be equipped with high-tech technologies such as Chatbots. These are the robots that can conduct conversations with humans through chat interfaces.

These bots are able to converse with humans by answering their queries or giving recommendations in real time. More than that there will be automated applications for ordering food to your room, turning on air conditioners and lights or checking out from the room.


Just like you, we all are eager to use these technologies in our next hotel visit. Make sure to share your views about the future hotel rooms in the comments section.

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