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Assassination Nation [Red Band Trailer] – Fierce – In Theaters September 21

Assassination Nation [Red Band Trailer] – Fierce – In Theaters September 21

Assassination Nation Trailer

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll get pissed off and fight back.” Neon has debuted another new red band trailer for the film Assassination Nation, one of the big breakouts from the Midnight category at Sundance earlier this year. From writer/director Sam Levinson, the film is about the town of Salem, Massachusetts and how everyone loses their minds when a hacker releases the entire internet history of everyone in the town. It’s much smarter than you think and features some incredible filmmaking and gnarly performances. The cast of rowdy youngsters includes Odessa YoungSuki WaterhouseHari NefAbraAnika Noni RoseColman DomingoMaude ApatowKelvin Harrison Jr., with Bill SkarsgardJoel McHale, and Bella Thorne. The film is also playing at TIFF this week, which is why they’re releasing another new trailer to give it a final push. Hopefully this little indie hits it big with audiences when it opens this month.

Here’s the second red band trailer (+ green) for Sam Levinson’s Assassination Nation, from YouTube


In my Sundance review: “It’s invigorating, impressive filmmaking that can ignite some spark deep down…”

This is a one-thousand-percent true story about how the quiet, all-American town of Salem, absolutely lost its mind. Description from the Sundance guide: “High school senior Lily and her crew of besties live in a haze of texts, posts, selfies, and chats—just like the rest of us. So when a provocateur starts posting details from the private digital lives of everyone in their small town of Salem, the result is a Category 5 shitstorm. We’re talking browser histories, direct messages, illegal downloads, secret text chains, and way, way, way worse. People get angry. Like, “rampaging murder posse” angry. And Lily finds herself right in the middle.” Assassination Nation is both written and directed by American filmmaker Sam Levinson, director of the film Another Happy Day previously. This premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year in the Midnight category. Neon will release Assassination Nation in select theaters starting on September 21st in the fall.