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No matter how well designed or executed your business might be, but a customer is the one who makes or breaks a business. In other words, a customer is the base of a business who supports the overall success. While offering services to the guest it is necessary to keep their importance in mind at all the stages to help your hotel ensure greater customer satisfaction and increase its long-term goal of getting more customers in the future. This blog is an extract of how you can make your customer happy in order to grow and succeed.

Adele Gutman of HKHotels – which runs some of the most popular guest-reviewed websites in

New York, shares this advice: “You need to WOW them. You need to give them something to talk about. You need to shower your guest with so many magical moments that they leave the hotel excited and inspired to take the time to want to share their experience with the world. People like to do nice things for nice people.”

 Pillow Menus for Comfortable Sleep

Comfortable sleep after a long travel is something all guest would want and we all know that good quality bedsheets and pillow are the important aspects of good sleep. Hotels always keep their guest comfort on a priority basis and do all the possible changes to their hotel rooms which people are demanding the most.

Bed sheets and pillows are the two common factors available in the hotel room that a guest should never complain about. You can improve a guest’s experience by providing options for pillows. Pillow menus are now a fixture at most business and upmarket hotels, offering their guest a chance to lay their head on something soft (or medium) that’s just right for them.

You must add our Gel Fiber Pillow to your Pillow Menus to provide the luxurious comfort of premium quality goose down to your guest. Our exclusive Gel Fiber is thinner and stronger than silk, hundreds of times finer than other Poly pillow fills, super plush and fluffy just like the most exclusive down. Much better than Down, our Gel Fiber is hypoallergenic, lightweight, machine washable, and retains its loft much longer. These extra soft, cloud-like pillows can be scrunched or folded but will not bunch up or shift.

A Double Needle Stitching sidewall is engineered into the pillow to provide extra support and reinforced corded edges are added to hold it all together and eliminate breakdown & unravel.

T-235 100% combed cotton shell pillow comes with high-performance stitching with Anti pilling, micro-white finished sheets maintain a lustrous white look even after multiple washes and are crease resistant to stand up to institutional laundering.

Local Excitement and Adventure

The hospitality industry has become very advanced and the packages for the travelers which include, local cuisines and other specialty can be a source of attraction. Passes to Music concerts, or city trips can also be a great option to provide entertainment to the guest.

Airbnb’s division of the hospitality industry has encouraged traditional hotel companies to attract to a growing population of travelers who want to experience local destinations.

Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria outposts already offer Unforgettable Experience packages, which include destination-specific experiences in the room rate. For instance, if you stay at the

Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, you can get a free local experience that includes a camel ride and a dessert dinner for two. In the coming years, the Marriott Rewards members will have access to Place Pass, a search engine that allows members to book more than 100,000 local experiences across 800 destinations.

In-Room Dining and Delivery

Over the past few years, many of the hotels are offering restaurant delivery as an amenity. By partnering with local eateries some new services have been introduced that can deliver food to a hotel room. In a few cases, these may be the city’s most popular spots, places where it is nearly-impossible to get a reservation. These services for the travelers can ultimately make them happy and will result in a most customer-centric experience.